Pragmatic Behavior Driven Development Using Cucumber

If you have heard about Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and looking to learn how to do BDD using Java, Spring Boot and Cucumber, you are at the right place. This hands on guide will help you learn on how to setup Java Spring Boot project with Cucumber, different patterns for creating feature files, techniques to reuse + reduce step definitions code. It also teaches you on how to apply the patterns and techniques when creating feature files and step definitions to test various types of APIs all in a pragmatic way.


  1. Setup and Run Java Spring Boot Project with Cucumber
  2. Different Patterns for Creating Feature Files
  3. Converting a DataTable into a Java Object
  4. Use BDD to Implement and Test ‘Create API’
  5. Use BDD to Implement and Test ‘Validations’
  6. Strategy to Save State between Step Method Executions
  7. Move Common Step Definitions to Separate Class
  8. Move REST API Calls to Step Definitions Base Class
  9. Strategy to Handle Auto Generated Identifier in Feature Files
  10. Strategy to Handle Boolean Values and Dates in Feature Files
  11. Use BDD to Implement and Test ‘Update API’
  12. Use BDD to Implement and Test ‘Get API’
  13. Cucumber Reports